Shape based factory building game. Made for the "[8 Bits to Infinity] Shape Jam II". Note that the web version works, but isn't as fully featured as the offline version. I recommend using the offline version if possible. But I understand that people prefer web versions. Twitch integration and Modification support are only available in the offline version!

Important bits for Part 2 of the "Shape Jam II" (in random order)

  • Get the Windows Moddable zip, this contains all the assets exposed and ready for editing.
  • Almost everything is data driven and can be edited. From recipes to the amount of items. But there is no input validation, so editing those files is at your own risk. Prepare to deal with crashes if you go this route.
  • Do not hesitate to ask me for help if you are planning to use this in Part 2 of the "Shape Jam II". Many things are possible without a single line of code modification, including animation and size changes of the images.
  • If you want to package your Part 2 version for web and android builds, drop me a message. I can do this for you. But I need the assets about 24h  before the deadline. Else, packing up the modifiable version will work fine on windows.
  • Any .ogg music file in the resources/music directory will be picked up and used as music for the game.
  • Deleting any files in the modifiable version is fine, defaults will be loaded then.


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