A downloadable game for Windows

Violent Unicorn Dreams.

The best game of the "ScoreSpace x 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Arcade Controls Jam", you don't have to trust me for it. Joshua Mclean just said so on his stream. (TODO: Insert link to clip where Joshua reads this page out loud)


  • Arrow keys or Gamepad D-Pad (can also be change ingame)
  • Space, gamepad A button to restart after death

Sorry, no time for builtin highscore list. So post your top scores in the comments and we'll sort it out.

Disclaimer: No actual nor imaginary unicorns in this game.
Disclaimer: Epilepsy warning.
Disclaimer: Swarm theme not very well applied. Bite me.
Disclaimer: Nobody reads disclaimers anyhow.

"Insert sad story about not enough development time here."


ViolentUnicornDreams-20200510.2320-win32.zip 4 MB


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Watch Jam Game Showcase ~ Arcade Controls Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

High Score: 6786

Matching up the obstacles with the bumping music makes this game so satisfying to play. I died right after reaching (what sounded like at least) the end of the loop

High Score: 5127

I really enjoyed it, I kept wanting to play to hear more/see what the next obstacle would be. Only minor bug was that it crashed on credits.

Well, the obstacles loop into the same pattern pretty quick. I had ideas for a few more obstacles, but due to conditions at home I lost a day. So I had a bit of a rush to finish anything at all.

Not sure why it crashes on credits, that's just my default template... but other then the music, it's just a lot of code library credits.